The workshop will start on the afternoon of Feb. 7 2013 and will end at lunch-time on the 8.

Submission of abstracts for poster presentations is now CLOSED (deadline 17 December 2012). Please fill in the registration form and the abstract form available here

Note for Poster authors: the size of the posters should be A0

Thursday -  February 7,  2013

14:45-15:00 OPENING

Session I: Chair J. Martí

15:00-15:20  Fernando Bresme
Computer simulation studies of heat conduction in water: bulk and interfaces
15:20-15:40  Jordi Faraudo
The missing link between the Hydration Force and interfacial water: Evidence from computer simulations
15:40-16:00  Josep Bonet
 Dynamics of encapsulated water inside Mo132 cavities, and other aspects of   confined water
16:00-16:20  Juan José Saenz
Capillary Adhesion Forces in Atomic Force Microscopy
16:20-16:40  Giancarlo Franzese
          Water at biological and inorganic interfaces
16:40-17:00  Claudio Cerdeiriña
                  Compressible cell liquids for waterlike liquid-liquid criticality


Session II: Chair G. Franzese

17:40-18:00  Enrique Lomba
                      Simple water-­like models in one dimension

18:00-18:20  Carlos Vega
 Describing water using computer simulation
18:20-18:40  José Luis F. Abascal
Propiedades del agua en condiciones extremas: región subenfriada y presiones negativas
18:40-19:00 Chantal Valeriani
Cavitation of water at negative pressure
19:00-19:20Eduardo Sanz
        The critical size of ice clusters in water freezing from simulations

21:30-23:00   DINNER

Friday - February 8, 2013

Session III: Chair J. Faraudo

9:00-9:20  Enrique Sanchez-Marcos
                    Computer simulations of metal ions in aqueous solutions
9:20-9:40  Diego González-Salgado
 Molecular simulation of the {methanol+water} system: structure and    thermodynamics
9:40-10:00Felix Llovell
Insights into the behavior of organic compounds in water
10:00-10:20  Carles Calero 
 Simulation and theoretical study of the H1-NMR relaxation times in bulk water  and aqueous ionic solutions
10:20: 10:40  Ronen Zangi
          The Induced Interactions of Water


Session IV: Chair E. Guàrdia

11:20-11:40  José M. Soler
Efficient van der Waals density functional simulations
11:40-12:00Fabiano Corsetti
  The structure of water from first-principles simulations with van der Waals interactions
12:00-12:20Pepa Cabrera-Sanfelix
Water on surfaces from first-principles: binding and reactivity
12:20-12:40Paolo Nicolini
Force matching algorithm: towards classical force fields for water with  ab initio accuracy
12:40:13:00 Rossend Rey
Energy pathways for rotational relaxation in liquid water

13:00-13:30 DISCUSSION